In the Woods, by Tana French

I’m in my Irish phase, and this is another Irish murder mystery.
Detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox are killing time playing a video game, when the call comes in that the body of a young girl has been found at an archeological site near a Dublin suburb called Knocknaree. Because they are the only detectives present in the murder squad as the lunch hour approaches, their commander dispatches them to the scene.
Ryan’s stomach already is churning because this case will take him back to his traumatic youth. As only he and his partner know, Ryan’s real first name is Adam. When he was a young boy living in Knocknaree, more than a decade earlier, two of Ryan’s playmates disappeared in the woods next to the modern crime scene. Ryan was found catatonic, back to a tree, his fingernails dug into the bark, his shoes and socks soaked with blood and no visible wounds other than minor scrapes on his knees.
Ryan’s memory was wiped clean of whatever happened to his playmates, and his parents soon moved away, changed his name and put him in a boarding school to protect him in case whoever snatched the two other children might return for the surviving witness.
Now Ryan fights conflicting emotions. He feels driven to investigate this new case, and whether it could be linked to his own nightmare, but he also is terrified at the prospect of what hidden memories may be discovered.
In the Woods has lots of twists and turns and is as much a psychological novel as a crime thriller.
In the Woods was French’s debut novel, and it won an Edgar Award in 2007 for best first novel. She has since had a second novel, The Likeness, published, and it brings back Detective Cassie Maddox for a second adventure.

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